November 2, 2013

All Saints Day {phfr} edition

There are days in a year when I really miss Poland. I miss Poland and her beautiful traditions and customs. I miss richly living the Catholic faith. The faith that nobody talks about but lives it. It is the feasts days and Holy days that fill churches and homes with people and gatherings of the families.
All saints day is one of them. It is a day free of work, full of prayers for the dead loved ones and full of people in churches and family gatherings at gravesite of the loved ones that departed. Very sad and nostalgic yet uplifting at the same time.

We don't have it here. I try to explain the different culture that I and Andrzej grew up in, but you have to live it to believe it. It is hard for my kids to grasp it. But different country means new traditions that we try to implement in our lives.
The kids still go to school, Andrzej goes to work and nobody visits the cemeteries. Yet there is time for prayer and All Saints Mass celebration.

The new thing that I came to like, are the All Saints parties for kids. No, we had never did that growing up. For the past few years we have been attending those. I love them and my kids too. I owe big thanks to my wonderful friends who make sure that those little celebration take place.

I have to say that this year it was last minute ideas for the costumes.
They are not very sophisticated, nevertheless we accomplished being dressed up as saints for the party.
Here are my saints as I join Like Mother, Like Daughter for the weekly edition of {phfr}.

{pretty, happy}
 Beardless St. Joseph.
Saint Hedwig, "King" of Poland.
Very serious Saint Lucia:)

Trying to take a picture of my little saints. St. Joseph insisted on using flashlight and later fixing St. Lucia's head wreath:)

"Saints" of modern times! One listening to the Ipod; another reading Pokémon book and the last one without his tools for a moment. He wasn't kind to St. Hedwig next to him!
Wishing all my Catholic friends a very solemn and full of prayers and memories, All Souls Day,


  1. How you must miss Poland on days like these! It sounds beautiful. So glad we could "party" with you guys last night!

  2. Wszyscy wyglądają rewelacyjnie!!!! buziaki dla całej rodzinki!!