January 11, 2016

Jacob, jumping jacks and jellybeans

After a long December break from preschooling, last week we jumped into the Along the alphabet path program.
The routine came back.

First I thought that with letter J we won't be able to do much.
Certainty there were not a lot of vehicles we were interested in, but as the week went by and after visiting libraries I have discovered fun things do read and do.
I still can't convince Kubus to write or color better (  we might have trouble next year at school ),
but he is very much into reading and enjoys numbers as well. He enjoyed games and other things that kept him moving.

We've read few interesting, put jigsaw puzzles together and did jar experiments.
The jellybeans were a hit (!) and Jenga game came very handy:)
The J also starts the Jacob name and that's why so far it has been my little Jacob's favorite week!

Sharpened pencils ready to be used. In truth I keep using the mostly. I enjoy the adult coloring books :)

Not really enjoying it :(

We included jumping jacks in our daily exercises. I joined too :)

Not too many words J from dictionary

Trying to trace again

Sorting, counting and tasting jellybeans was the most favorite activity :)


Jenga blocks were very useful at the construction site

Susan Jeffers, our J author; luckily it was still Christmas season and we chose few Christmas stories

Jigsaw puzzle

Matching lids to jars; too bad majority of them are Mason jars; not too many choices

How many jellybeans in the jar? Andrzej came up with 250, Kiki 315, Zuzia 270. The correct number? 260!

Making few jar experimants. The J-ulcano is always very popular!

Jacob's gift; very proper for the Christmas season, the J week and the name itself!

Making our own jigsaw puzzle; cereal boxes and coloring pages to reuse

What's left from J dinner - Jambalaya!

P.S. Trudno mi tlumaczyc tyygodniowe literki na polski. Litera J nie pokrywa sie z polska litera. Ze zdjec mozna jednak wynioskowac co znaczy po angielsku i czym zajmowalismy sie w poprzednim tygodniu.
Jedynie Jakub jest uniwersalny:)

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