May 11, 2015

Mother's Day weekend

I will be honest today in my post....
While checking the numerous updates from equally numerous mother friends on facebook, I gotta admit, mine was not glorious as the mentioned ones. But I won't lie, and I won't let my imagination run wild either.

Andrzej thought that Saturday evening would be great to start the celebration with the first s'mores over the backyard fire. The children came. They roasted marshmallows ate them and left . Supposedly it was too cold to have family time.


Sunday morning Kubus decided to wake up very early. Since he ends up in our bed most of the time, Andrzej goes to his room. I know I could have wake my hubby up, but since I was awake, I decided at least one of the parents sleep.
That left me with making breakfast. Which I did, and we barely made it on time to church.

After the Mass, the priest treated every mother with a gift of a pen with a nice quote, which I don't remember exactly at this point, and I am just too lazy to get up and check it:)

After the church I took myself to bed with a cup of leftover coffee and quite big piece of chocolate, which I did not share with anybody!

Zuzia gave me her carefully prepared card and a mother/daughter pendant.


She is very thoughtful, I must say, but asked what I wanted for Mother's Day, to which I replied nothing, just back and foot massage plus take care of your brother and pick the house up and maybe help with food preparations, the plea was ignored. For the whole day!

Still it was much better that Kiki, who has mentioned "Happy Mother's Day" and did not even gave me a hug!
Kubus thinks that Mother's Day is everyday and wishes me a good one for the past few mornings.

We never go out for lunch or brunch just because that would be too long to wait in line and then for food. It would mean that our kids would have to be either entertain or remain bored. And that is just too much to feel relaxed!

Andrzej tried very hard to involve kids in a lunch making for me. He succeeded in doing this himself and making the kids serve to me.
So far, so good!

Thanks to a gorgeous weather for the last few years on Mother's Day, we take trip to the beach.

I like to relax without the crowds and a smell of sunscreen or dipping our bodies into the cold water.
The outing was met with the excitement from four out of five, which is still good, however that fifth one makes it quite hard to enjoy after awhile.

Kiki's presence in the trip :)

The drive took us a long time due to the bad traffic, accident and few lose leads. Thankfully we made it!
The beach allowed some of us to unwind and I won't lie when I say that it was my favorite part of that day.


On the way home we picked up clam cakes which made the people in the back seat very happy.

In the car I had mentioned to my kids that next year I would like to see THEM making my day special. It would make me very happy to see them prepare and cook food for me and come up with the ideas for the day. If I go hungry I'll still survive ( and it will be good for my waistline ), but it will give me a proof of how much my kids care about me. While the disappointment will be painful I know how much work I still have cut out for me to raise them as appreciative and grateful people.

Andrzej mentioned that he respects my wish however for Father's Day he asks for my assistance!

The day we finished with s'mores again and to our surprise two kids made the fire pit ready. They stayed a little longer that evening. It was warm.

The last point for the day was "Game of  Thrones" just with Andrzej, but our cable company decided to cut our subscription to HBO and we had to do without it.

But the "entertainment" wasn't over yet.
For the last few days Kubus was dealing with allergy/cold symptoms and at night he started coughing like a seal, which meant croup!
While it was mild case, it kept me up and worried.
So today after "restful" Mother's Day, I am one exhausted, sleepy mother listening to a lot of cough!
And that is my friends an honest recap of my special day.

While it is not my goal to complain or feel disappointed, I just want to acknowledge that things are not necessary as they seem.
The children are not grateful angels regardless how loving they are, but I lack perfection too. I know I have failed as a mother too many times to count.
The pictures might look perfect but life isn't. My role as a mother doesn't stop because I want to celebrate my "Mother's Day". There is still a lot of work ahead of me even though my children are becoming older, and I also know that they only will start appreciate me as a mother when they become one.
I love them deeply and truly and I'll continue see them as the blessings regardless of their age, talents or achievements!


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  1. Despite the Facebook postings, I think Hallmark Mother's Day celebrations are pretty rare. You've got great kids who love and appreciate you. It's easy to let expectations get unrealistic on Mother's Day. I'm usually guilty of this, and have to remind myself that they show their appreciation in their own ways, throughout the year. I asked for handmade cards for Mother's Day again this year, and two of my three proudly made them. The oldest, well, he didn't bother.