April 23, 2015

Nature hike

For some reason ( as Zuzia likes to say ) we can't get out of some sickness that keep dragging behind us. Actually the cold winter was very healthy, but as soon as the weather changed for better, we changed for worse.
First it was Kiki with a sinus infection, that was not treated properly.
Then Zuzia caught cold and Kiki followed with strep throat and sinusitis again which was finally treated.
Kubus decided not to be left behind and ended up with bronchitis.
I followed all of them with awful sinusitis and ear infection. Thus the canceling of our Washington DC plans.
So now with the spring vacation being in full swing and few plans here and there  ( than goodness for awesome library programs ), Kubus got another virus. The one that keeps a child miserable and very unhappy.
I thought that today's planned trip to Audubon Society in Bristol will not happen.
 Fortunately my little man got up feeling a little better and having a small appetite. Signs of improvement!
He was also looking forward to out trip and meeting with the nature.
I must say the weather was not dreamy, it was cold and windy and sunless, but nevertheless kids decided to enjoy instead of complaining.
The two of them. Kiki keeps writing her book and working on her school assignments. At least that's what she says. And I do try to believe her. Her presentation and graduation is coming and then no excuses. But that's for another future post. It should be interesting!


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