April 20, 2015

Change of plans


There is still snow in Boston!

For the last few years we have been planning trip to Washington D.C.
Two years ago I got sick.
A year ago we opted for a trip to Texas ( unfortunately our plans to move there went down the drain too :( ).
And this year Washington D.C. is still in plans, because I got sick. Again. Very nasty ear and sinus infection. I don't remember feeling this "deaf" and dizzy !

We did not wanted to disappoint kids much and but also we couldn't travel to far so we decided to visit Boston.
I keep forgetting how lovely that city is. And I don't have in mind an entraining aspect of it. I love the little narrow streets and old buildings . Full of charm!

We took a part in guided tour of part of a Freedom Trail.

The guide was knowledgeable, and maybe too detail oriented . Andrzej had few interesting discussion with her on the subject of Paul Revere . He was the only one of the group who had a serious knowledge of the events of American Revolution and the over glorified fame of Paul Revere . I have no doubts that the historian part of me is long time gone...

The trip was lovely even though a little chilly, and we promised ourselves to do it more often. It seem that the proximity of Boston is often ignored by us, and there is so much to learn, explore and enjoy.

But it also makes me wonder how much my kids will be enchanted by Krakow, when visit it this coming summer! It has more charm that Boston, and I can't wait for that :)


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