May 29, 2015

Days with Kubus

We are about enter last days of  Mom/Kubus alone time !

Kiki is graduating next week from eight grade and Zuzia has less than three weeks of fourth grade to go, so there will be somebody besides the two of us at home.

This past week I was lucky enough to have my dizziness/headaches lessened and I could do more with my not so little anymore boy.

It feels amazing being able to do things. 
I am not 100% well yet and  I suspect that this might be it, but as long as I am not worse, I can take it!!!

Besides visiting playgrounds, playing in the backyard mud and attending story time in the libraries,
I tried to do different activities with Kubus. The ones that one can find on Pinterest and other sites.

It amazes me how much Kubus likes those crafts. Not only he, Zuzia  enjoys them too, because when she sees them after school, she responds "Ahh, I wish I could do that too, it looks like so much  fun " :)

Recent favorite - Chicka, chicka 123

Nature Journaling after nature walk this morning. The
art is named "Haunted house ship" :)
(not my idea)

First sprinkler of the season!!!

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