August 25, 2016

The hikes

We haven't hiked for quite sometime.

The last very serious hike took place two years ago. Our Mount Washington expedition.
It was easier then. Kubus traveled in the backpack. Now, almost six, he is old enough and strong enough to travel using his two own feet.
The problem with most of the kids that age, or rather with all of our kids, is that they don't see to beauty of it. The see just  the climb and the struggle.  They don't see the reward...
So it was really challenging to encourage Jacob and push him. But we did it, and most important he did it!

We took two nice hikes.

The first one was in Sunday River Resort area; it was quite windy and chilly and we have not met anybody on the trail! But the views reminded me of Polish low mountains, and made it feel closer to my heart...

The Mt. Pleasant hike was close to the lake house that we stayed in. The day was warm and sunny and the trail was quite popular with others for a change. Rather opposite to the first one !
The views were spectacular, and my pictures don't do the justice! Every direction we looked, we could see lake after lake and pond after pond. The White Mountains range in NH presented itself quite majestic !

I could go on the trails everyday, but the vacation was coming to the end and we figured that two hikes in a week was enough that our boy could handle:)


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