August 21, 2016

The campers

Yet again our girls have attended the wonderful Camp Mattakeesett in NH.
Kateri did it five times as a camper. She started in 2010 when Kubus was happily growing inside of me. She was the first one there from RI group of friends, all alone and she loved it from the beginning.
A year ago she was getting ready for high school at Camp Pocasset and this year she was a proud although tired and a little stressed CIT at the Camp Mattakeesett.

It was Zuzia's third time and now she continues being sad and missing the camp. She said she wouldn't mind staying there for one more week, and she wouldn't miss us much, because it's not like we are dying ( her words ), she would miss her bunny though. Talk about priorities!!!

We had rather crazy deliveries to make, since one girl had to start on Sunday and the other on Tuesday.
We have rented a wonderful cabin on the lake in Maine about one and half hours away from girls camp, which meant a lot of driving to and fro. But it was well worth it.

Another successful week of camp ended all to soon for most of them, but what memories it had left!


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