December 8, 2015

Into second week of Advent

The weather seriously looks and feels like middle of autumn, but I won't complain about it.
Not yet, my skis are not ready to be dusted off.
Snow, yes please in January, with a little bit for Christmas.  It would be definitely splendid and magical:)

This past weekend we were lacking one member of the family. Kiki went for an Opus Dei retreat for high school girls. After we picked her up she said it was time well spent and she is ready to do it every December during  high years. I am glad she is working on her inner spiritual growth, specially in teenage years.

The rest of us decided to enjoy the weather outdoors and go for yet another late fall walk. I don't think I'll ever get tired of those!



In the evening we decided to build or rather put together ready parts of Gingerbread house.
The kids seriously acknowledged that they were Hansel and Gretchen and mama was a bad witch. Supposedly I even looked like her ( I do not ! ).

The anticipation of St. Nicholas coming was great Saturday evening and it interfered with somebody's sleeping.
The planned Zuzia/Kubus sleepover was a disaster:) One little boy refused to fall asleep while his older sister was eager to do so around 11pm .
The Sunday morning was an early rise too. I obviously knew about it. I also was a child some long time ago, waking up during that magical night of St. Nicholas feast and checking for presents under my pillow :) Great memories!

St. Nicholas did not disappoint our children and showered them with few special gifts:)

The Advent continues with another candle being lit, more books being unwrapped and Jesse tree filling up with ornaments.

We will continue doing so between our daily tasks and chores; preparing ourselves of Jesus coming and making memories at the same time.


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