January 25, 2015

Just happy!



I had small hopes that the Saturday snow/rain will give me a chance to ski in Pulaski Park today.
To my joy I have found an update on the facebook page that the trails are very skiable today, which meant only one thing, packing up and heading up North to the best outdoor place in RI ( in my humble opinion ) !
One and a half hour later, after few voluntary and involuntary stops ( called falls ) I ended my blissful and peaceful XC hike. And the best part of it is, that I can do it again next week.
Because coming this week, is "The Blizzard". And while I am aware of a danger of it, I can't help to think about all the snow that it is going to bring.
If we ever move south, that is one of the things that I'll miss most; the skiing trails of Northeast!

Kinga :)

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