January 4, 2015

A little bit of everything!

In which I am planning to summarize the New Year week.
On Monday we visited Andrzej's new place of work. Kind of fun to look at him from quite different perspective.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we spend visiting doctors and dentists.

 On Wednesday we had fun celebrating New Year Eve with friends, but the next day came the most miserable New Year Day ever, due to Kubus' viral infection.

We listened to each other's annoying coughs, watched a lot  of movies and played too many Xbox games .

I got myself motivated to walk a lot thanks to my fitbit charge, just to be disappointed few days later when it counted between 50 - 60 % of the daily steps. Gotta find myself new Christmas gift!

We kind of made up our mind with "to move or not to move"...

And just for a moment I was able to enjoy freshly fallen snow, which reminiscence lays on the grass somewhere today.
All together I am going to miss the whole family being home. I always start New Year with nostalgia...




  1. Love those pictures! Best New Year's party ever!

    1. Thank you Stef! That reminded me about sending you the rest of NYE party pictures:)