April 10, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} in the garden

I think that it is finally time to start working in the garden.
Again I have new plans for it. Like last year I want to make it bigger. I guess time will tell if I've got enough will and stamina to make it work.
With the help of warm, and sunny weather in the last days, I have started making the soil ready. Kubus really wanted to help, but most of the time he was in my way. So far I have dug one vegetable bed. Interestingly I have notice some green plants growing from the soil, and I have enough gardening knowledge to proudly admit that it is not a weed! I think I might have garlic in the there...

While enjoying the sun, I couldn't help myself from catching up on my somewhat forgotten hobby: taking pictures in Macro Manual Mode! I still have a very simple lens extension but maybe St Nicholas will bring me something more sophisticated in the near future. For now though it is working well enough for me to enjoy it!

Here are my few pics from the day.
I join today Like Mother Like Daughter in capturing the context of contentment in every day life !
{ pretty, happy }

 The Sun through the lenses with extension. Why it came out this different way, I just have no clue, but I like it!

A very common, blooming weed! It does make a difference when one looks at it through magnifying lenses!
 Future blueberry, from up close and from far . 
 { funny }
  Kubus' eyelashes from up close:-)
 { real } 

 Back to gardening, and mysterious plants.


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