May 19, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

It has been a long time, really long...
I am not going to write all of the excuses, too long, too boring, too complicated. I just hope to get back onto the blogosphere on the regular bases. And the pictures...I hope to improve there.

The only excuse I am going to post, is a visit of my sister. She is a godmother of Zuzanna, and came to celebrate with us Zuzia's First Communion.
She came in perfect time. I needed her, and Zuzia needed someone other than us, too.
I had a very good time and hope the same for her.

As I am joining Like Mother, Like Daughter today for the {phfr} edition today, I have chosen few highlights from her visit.

Visiting the old Boston. Zuzanna did not want to leave her godmother's side:)
Happy was definitely the event of Zuzia's First Communion. My sister presence made it extra special.
Trying to get up close pictures of the two of us. We are not getting any younger, but so much wiser instead:)
Saying good bye at the airport. Way too sad and too real:(

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