June 7, 2017

Childrens' Day 2017

I have noticed that with age the excitement about Children's' Day slowly dies out.
The girls did not give us any idea about what they would like to get ( maybe because we wouldn't go for another game or PlayStation ) and decided to postpone ice cream outing for another day :(  Growing up doesn't come easy, especially for parents, and we can't avoid it...

On the other hand Jacob had a lot of ideas and he settled down for his desired Lego set.
He got up early on June first and started working. After school he worked almost non stop ( a break for dinner ) until 9 pm. !
His determination and perseverance is something to strive for.
With just a tiny bit of help he was able to finish the set quite fast.
 I love his love for building and putting things together. Looks like another engineer is in the making :)


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