November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

The Thanksgiving day was rather uneventful.
Everyone of us woke up at the different time of the day, feeling quite rested.
The teenager took the longest to get out of her cave. I wonder if all teenagers do that.

We didn't have to get ready for Thanksgiving Mass today; our parish celebrated one last evening.
It was a beautiful Mass of Thanks. I think everybody felt a tremendous gratitude to God for all the blessings in their lives. I certainly  did...

Today's morning I spent cooking. I would lie if I said that my girls were big part of preparations. They were not!
I guess it is partially my fault, I could do better job enforcing the rules in our house.
But honestly I don't think they are so excited about Thanksgiving dinner anyway.
As long as they eat something that they like ( we serve ribs, since nobody is crazy about turkey ) and have sweet dessert, it doesn't matter how many thanksgiving prayers we say, or past Thanksgiving's Days we are reminiscing, or having history lessons, or just simply stating what are we thankful for,  the holiday doesn't seem that important.
They just enjoy the days off from school and extra time to have fun.
They are for rude awakening one day, those girls of mine...

Kubus tried to help me a little but just as we sat for the dinner he ended up having a tantrum about the thanksgiving theme books that we were supposed to read. When I wanted to do it, he wasn't ready and when he was ready it was time to eat. And because one can't reason with a five year old after a threat of sending him up to his room without the feast, he finally settle down for ribs and sweet potatoes.

I did not serve the traditional food, but they were ribs, and mashed potatoes. They was sweet potatoes casserole and green been with mushroom casserole.
For dessert we had pumpkin and apple pies.

The Cowboys were losing big time, so Andrzej picked up some European soccer on TV.
Zuzia played with her bunny, Kiki did her usual thing and Kubus played with his trucks.
I enjoyed reading a book.
I like those calm days of no rushing. We are not a big shoppers, so no early rising for us on black Friday.
Andrzej has a day off and since the weather is going to be glorious for a late November, we will hike somewhere tomorrow.

We will enjoy while it lasts, because everything what's good ends quickly :)


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