September 13, 2015

Letter A week :)

Sooo...the girls successfully though not willingly started another school year.
Zuzia the fifth grade,
and Kiki ninth!

While they are settling down into the new rhythm of their lives: the early getting up, the schoolwork and so on, I and my little buddy are settling into our new routine too.

Kubus is ( only ) one year away from starting kindergarten, so it is finally time to introduce him to all the fun that learning has to offer: the preschool with mommy!

My favorite "curriculum" to follow is Along the Alphabet Path created by Elizabeth Foss and enhanced by many of this program followers.

It is a very sweet, gentle and playful way to introduce child to learning.

When first time I came upon it while teaching Zuzia six years ago, she  ( and the rest of family ) enjoyed so much, that she still remembers the books that we've read, crafts that we've made and dishes that we've prepared!

I go only as far as Kubus seems to be interested in; and of course throwing some "trucking" theme makes him much more willing.

A is for...



...ambulance... prints...
...learning About "How to make An Apple pie and see the world":)...

...and of course the one and only "APPLE PIE"!


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