July 6, 2015

The visit

We. Have. Not. Visited. Poland. For. Eight. Years !!!
Yes, I had to emphasize that.

Last time we went  Kiki was six years old, Zuzia was less than two and Kubus was in a far future!
I am so glad that we did it though. The tickets were bought five months before, and that was good, because having later doubts about going, I had no choice, but visit.

Poland herself I did not like. I have sentiment to the one that we left twenty years ago.
Now it has gotten too crowded, too busy, too chaotic!!!

But the family, that is completely different story.

I honestly can't say enough  praises and good things for those who welcomed us and God knows, that we did not deserved such hospitality and generosity !!! We all got the dose of family life in great amount. I am soo happy that we went and already thinking about the next trip in the near future :)

With some of the cousins !



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