November 22, 2014

7 quick takes on November

The negligence of this diary of mine has no excuse. But since I am so behind, I will try catch up on the past 21 day of this month in 7 Quick Takes.

November First, All Saints Day and All Saints party.
Zuzia as St. Elizabeth of Hungary

 Kubus insisted on representing a patron of soldiers, who ever that might be.
I think St. George .
On November 2nd - All Souls Day.
We prayed at the cemetery.
On November 4th I had a chance to work at the voting polls. I ended up with two day headache, and the kids declared that they missed me. No work for me I guess:)
I have finished my 6 month long kitting project. Nothing to brag about it. I am not perfect, but Zuzia is happy and I can finally share it at Yarn Along!
Zuzia has organized a "Money party " honoring Kubus first alowence - $1 :)
She prepared the games, made a present and added $4 more to his new piggy bank:)


First visit to the Providence Children Museum with Kubus.
I have completely forgot about it. I used to visit it so often with Kiki and Zuzia.
Not surprisingly Kubus stayed mostly in construction area.
Next time I'll bring a book or knitting bag for myself:)
I and Andrzej got hooked on "Lost".
 Yep, four years after it ended. We have just finished season one. Only five more to go ...
The word "Lost" in white lettering on a black background.

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