August 6, 2020

After awhile

I know it has been a long time since I have updated this blog. Many things happened. The good and the bad. The pretty and the ugly. The planned and the unexpected. One gotta love them all! 

I have stumbled today on my old blog because Kiki has asked me about her Phantom of the Opera party. She enjoyed looking and the pictures, and I enjoyed it as well. One thing led to another and I looked into my children faces from few years ago. I have to do it again. It is so heartwarming.

Today is August, 2020. Next time I will go back in the past. The memories are so worthy of it :)


August 13, 2018

Glymur Falls

After very short and strangely bright night we got up quite early ( being still four hours behind ) to start exploring and not to waste a moment.
We headed north from Reykjavik on a scenic road one. It seems that the number 1 is a universal number for scenic, coastal roads. The views were beautiful as we curved on the road, the sky blue and clear and we started experiencing the view of our first fjord. Something that Andrzej really wanted to see for a long time.
After an hour drive we pulled into a dirt road and then into a parking lot that was already full with cars.
There were two trails leading to The Falls. One quite difficult, steep and leading through a walk on the slippery log over a gushing stream. The other, we were told, that it was longer and boring.
Well, let's just say that Andrzej doesn't like easy and boring. I was voting for something safer...
After at least half an hour of going on the more challenging hike we had encountered the log. The line was long, the water gushing  and cold and  the log slippery.
 First we got ready; took the shoes off and it was time to get on for Jacob and Andrzej. I took last look at it and noticed that the wire that we were supposed to hold on to, was far away from the log and that the whole venture didn't look safe for me and kids. I panicked and we turned around. I am glad that the common sense hit me. It was really not safe.

So now we decided that we have to turn back and take the another, boring trail and basically start the process all over again. We have encountered some resistance, but with a lot of patience and determination we had convinced our kids that this is why we came, we have a lot of time and it is beautiful out here.
I must say, whoever decided that that trail was boring, must have walked in the dark! The views were astounding, and the fjord was in its whole glory!
After a while we got to see the beautiful Glymur Falls and come down just in time for rain.

When we got to Reykjavik, Andrzej took Jacob and Zuzia to the local, heated pool with slides and all kind of fun. Jacob without hesitation declared later that it was his favorite thing in Iceland !

Kinga :)

August 10, 2018

Making a move

My idea of updating the blog is not working well. There are many reasons for it. One day maybe I will come back to certain events, but now I would like to focus on our unexpected trip. Trip that we would never plan in advance, simply because it would never cross our minds.

It started with Kiki, or maybe with Canada vacation. We were thinking about visiting Quebec.
The car ride wouldn't be too long and the places that we wanted to visit looked very interesting and European.

We have presented the idea to our children. The problem arose when Kiki said that she is not going to Canada. Simply she doesn't want to, no explanations provided despite our pleas.

It is interesting how one person reluctance can influence the whole family. Needless to say, it left us in a unsolved puzzle for many reasons.

In the beginning of July we still had no idea where will we go for vacation. There was a talk about Philadelphia, Niagara Falls etc.

One day I opened Facebook page, as I do everyday,( that thing is very addictive) to see somebody that I know posting a trip to Iceland. I shared it with Andrzej. He replied with excitement, why don't we go to Iceland?

From that day forward we searched as much as we could about flights, stays and places to see. Everything looked quite encouraging, and within few days we had our tickets and a place to stay.
We have checked out every possible guide from the library, searched the websites with information about Iceland and got mentally ready for a trip almost to the arctic circle.

I and Andrzej were looking forward exploring the nature that Iceland has to offer.

Last Saturday of July we finally boarded the plane. The day was very hot and humid, but we were ready for Fall weather. Coats, hats, mittens were packed in and long pants and heavy boots were on. We looked out of place :)

We came to sunny and bright Iceland right around 6 am Icelandic time, which translates to 2 am Rhode Island time. We were tired but ready for an adventure.

After renting the car Andrzej took us on his planned ride around the Reykjanes peninsula.
We took a drive to the chilly coast, drove through the volcanic fields covered with moss and walked over a bridge between two continents - a place were the two tectonic plates, North-american and Eurasian meet, or separate. It depends how you look at it.

We went to explore the gushing, stinky steam from the earth and admire another coastline and magnificent cliffs. We drove around Kleifarvatn Lake and discover the gravel roads of Iceland.
 There are many of them!
Eventually our bodies gave up and demanded some sleep.
We headed for Reykjavik where we had rented an Airbnb place.
We still had no food and the stores opened at noon. With the pace that we started the day, we were still ahead of time.

After situating ourselves at the apartment, Andrzej and I hit the stores. Not surprisingly anymore we met some Polish people. Iceland seems to be quite popular with our native fellowmen.

We had our empowering naps and it was time to visit Reykjavik. We had enjoyed the walk through the city and took an elevator up the tower of Lutheran church - Hallgrímskirkja in the center of Reykjavik. The city spread out below us.

When we came back to the apartment for the night, we had a taste of first night in summer arctic circle. The day was looong, and the night was quite short and not that dark. We had to make some adjustments... tbc.

Kinga :)

July 15, 2018

The belated Birthday

Almost eight months after my Jacob's 7th birthday, I have decided to post few things from his party. To tell the truth the actual party took place about two months after the actual one anyway, so what's few months this or other way, right?
In late September we started kitchen remodeling and after weeks of mess, and craziness, it came out great ( except for the floor, but that is a long story...) . However Jacob's party was postponed, and since a year prior to that we were having addition to our house done, and the party was cancelled due to that project, I knew that the 7th birthday party just has to happen.
My Lego loving boy requested Lego theme party, so that is how we celebrated. I think it turned out great and he and his guests had a lot of good fun!


January 17, 2018

Update - the Halloween 2017

The annual pictures from Halloween 2017...almost 3 months too late, but better late than never, right?! Another of my hypothetical New Year resolutions :)
Jacob was Chris Kratt from The Wild Kratts, Zuzanna, I have already forgotten, but some character from Japanese anime, and Kiki, well Kiki and Jiji from "Kiki Delivery Services".
The costumes suited them well, I believe were well done ( not bragging too much ;) and the amount of candy collected that evening was ridiculous !!!
Good, that they have willing parents to help consuming the sweets :)

January 15, 2018

Monadnock hike

It is not my New Year resolution, but I have decided to dust off my old blog and update it a little... To do so, I have to go back a couple months into 2017 and to the beginning of September...
For a Labor Day weekend we took a quite strenuous and long hike up the Mount of Monadnock.
It was long, crowded, difficult and painful; but what a Joy to look around at the beautiful surroundings, have a good workout and most of all do it with the whole family!
I wish I could say that we have to do it few times a month, but as of January it was our last family hike. With school and work and different kind of activities it wasn't quite possible...
Well there is still time! Right?